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Are you a parent and want your little one to start eating a healthy breakfast for one reason or another? Science has a good possible answer how you could teach them. You will find out how in the following lines.

Whether eating breakfast on a regular basis is something we should incorporate in our lives is a question that still needs some clarification. Observational evidence has shown positive connections between being a regular breakfast eater and certain health outcomes such as a lower BMI.

However, these results can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. Besides that, very few well-done experimental studies that focused on possible short-term improvements have been done.

In any case, this post will give you an idea how you can get your kids to start eating a healthy breakfast, for one reason or another.


So, how?

The answer is actually quite straightforward and really simple. You can make your child start eating breakfast more regularly simply by eating a healthy breakfast yourself. Parents who eat breakfast are a good example for their children and teens. Furthermore, their children are more likely to adopt such eating patterns themselves. Especially considering the fact that how much you eat together as a family, increases the likelihood that your children and teens will make healthier eating choices, which includes a healthy breakfast. Therefore, it is at least worth a shot.

If that doesn’t convince you. I can also tell you that how much you eat together as a family has the biggest influence on the eating habits of your teen. When you see him/her munching on the third bag of Cheese puffs – think about how you could have eaten a nice healthy dinner with him instead, and maybe even have had a meaningful conversation, if that ever happened between a teen and his parent.

Anything else?

But what are the some other factors which have been connected to eating breakfast regularly? Children who are raised in two parent families have a higher chance of being habitual breakfast eaters. Why this may be is a tough nut to crack. A good advice for single parents would be that they urge their children and be a positive role model for them by showing them different healthy options, patterns, and behavior. As they are the ones to whom their child will look up too.

One reason that could partly explain why children from single parent families are less likely to eat breakfast is the connection between such families and socioeconomic deprivation. Children from such families are less likely to eat breakfast, for reasons we may imagine.

The role of parents, when it comes to breakfast, has profound implications. Each parent has a strong influence when it comes to their child and him eating breakfast or not. This is the main reason you should teach your kids the importance of healthy eating and nutrition.

Bottom line

Eating together as a family, and parents being real role models for their children, are important ways through which we could improve healthy eating habits and prevent a lot of eating-related diseases in children and teens from an early age.

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