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If you have been a long-term reader, you may have noticed I have taken ads away from this website. They have been substituted with various donate and/or support buttons.

The main reason for taking ads away is that I hate them. I really don’t like them. I do not like for what they stand nor do I like having ads popping up in my face when I am enjoying a read. I suppose no person really does. Or maybe I’m wrong. If you have followed me for a long time and have really enjoyed seeing and clicking on those ads, then I apologise to you. I hope you will understand I have done this to improve the collective experienced utility of my readership when going through my content.

However, ads do keep websites running. They have enabled me to run this for the past three years despite not having enough time to post more often. Because money still runs this website and because I want to take this to a new level, I have decided to come to you for support.

That is why you have noticed the various donate/support buttons. Not only will this be a sign for me that people do care about what I am writing. It will, more importantly, give me immense motivation to continue shelling out very detailed and well-researched articles that will be, if I am honest with myself, better than the ones I have posted in the past. On that note, I have also decided I would revamp older posts with up-to-date information and make them more readable for everyone.

In conclusion, I would kindly ask anyone capable and willing to help support this website by one of the following options:

Donating Bitcoins

You can find the QR code to scan on the left side of the website. Cryptocurrencies together with blockchain technology have immense potential to improve and optimize how we deal with cash and run our businesses.

Buying me coffee

I like coffee and I cannot lie. I like it so much, in fact, I have written an extensive article on the evidence-based health benefits of coffee and determined it was a pretty healthy addition to your daily life. At the end of every article there is a plea for you to give me some coffee (and food and rent) money for the content I provide.

Supporting me on Patreon

Patreon is a great initiative for people like myself who would like to extend the opportunity to the readers to show their gratitude and support by subscribing to their content. At the same time, it allows for joint growth and the development of a community where readers co-create content by signing up for what I do. Check it out.

Your support is much appreciated and will be recorded in songs of future generations of my family.

Thank you,