Sebastijan Veselic

Cognitive scientist. Emphasizing optimization and maximizing own (and wider) achieved potential long term utility. Abide by evidence-based principles in daily life.

Brain Performance: 6 Healthy Nutrients You Definitely Need

Your brain is a fine tuned machine that needs a multitude of nutrients for it to act properly. The presence of certain nutrients in bigger doses have been also shown to be beneficial when it comes to memory and the brain’s performance in general. Here, I present a few of them that are necessary, beneficial, and recommended to further enhance your brain’s capabilities to make you the next physicist who will win a Nobel’s prize.

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Benefits of Whey Protein Powder? An Evidence-Based Review

Who hasn’t heard of whey protein powders? Some substitute them for steroids that you inject into your body, others eat them with reckless abandon. People have different opinions about whey protein powders and some do not wish to stray from their first beliefs of them being damaging. However, the scientific evidence shows us the opposite – proteins, and proteins from whey, are one macronutrient that should not be taken lightly.

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